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Transformers The Game RIP

The game (in all its versions) is mainly a third-person action-shooter. All the robots have at least four attack types: a light weapon, a heavy weapon, a melee attack, and the ability to throw objects such as cars, lamp posts, trees, etc. As its title and characters imply, a robot can transform into a vehicle and viceversa, this gives the game some racing elements, as the player must, in some missions, race to certain point within a time limit or before a character of the opposing faction does. Each area is a open world environment, and there are also side-missions, Energon cubes and Autobot/Decepticon emblems scattered through the city, if accomplished successfully/collected the player can unlock trailers, production photos and unlock color schemes for certain characters.
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
  • PC with 1.4 GHz equivalent or higher processor
  • 256 MB of system RAM
  • 1 GB available hard disk space
  • 64 MB video card with support for hardware transformation and lighting required
  • Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
Link download Transformers The Game RIP
Password : wizyuloverz



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